Essay: Space Network

Essay: Space Network
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A major disadvantage of the Airborne platform is the inability of operating in all weather and the requirement of some deployed infrastructure which could support operations. On the other hands, the satellites are pre-deployed at all times and available everywhere, which adds to the advantage of uninterrupted connectivity. A proposition already made in this regard is the use of laser communication for meeting the future capacity needs.

Though the communication between different satellites is easier to implement due to their relatively stable path, however, one of the key challenges is the link from space to ground and the optical links that are involved in between. This proposition has been justified by the fact that optical links perform much better than microwave links because they have the ability to achieve very narrow bandwidth and high gains with a considerable size. Furthermore, optical transceivers require much smaller antenna diameters than radio frequency links. However, the performance of the optical links degrades in the atmosphere quite quickly and transmitting data through optical links in the cloudy or misty environment could result in attenuation that is unaffordable high (Joe & III, 2004).

Solution to the Issues

There are three general approaches which can be suggested to increase the network capacity is to get most out of the hardware and software that will be used for FCS using improved equipment, to get most out of the network architecture by employing options such as vertical nodes and to constantly try to keep the capacity demands down to only what is required. However, specific recommendations to address the issue discussed above can be found in the following lines

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