Essay: Special Decision Support Systems

Essay: Special Decision Support Systems
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Organizations and firms are helped in an effective manner so as to provide them with better decision support. Geographic data in a discrete form is collected and organized properly and helps the engendering of information artifacts to be used strategically in business. Discrete data when converted to an organized form supports the better running of an organization and cutting back great expenditure (ESRI, 2008).

The retail site selection process of consumers depends on many factors. There are a number of techniques which help in integrating the data based on preferences of locations. Every technique either provides with spatial domination or approaches to penetrate in market such as concentric ring approach or drive time/distance polygons. This has to be kept in mind that how a store dominates an area, relation of trade area to the store and no visits from outside the area. This bound leads to the formation of a geographical ring to prepare a profile capturing market. Using GIS the data used in making profiles can be extracted or aggregated (Dramowisz, 2005).

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