Essay: Specialty of Nietzsche

Essay: Specialty of Nietzsche
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Nietzsche’s speciality was the emotional cliché, a sharp experience of reasoning. Platonism according to Nietzsche takes a path whereby he made four connections about Platonism

  1. Viewing his own considerations to be a type of Platonism,
  2. Exhibit Platonism after the demise of Plato,
  3. The Platonism according to the writings of Nietzsche, and
  4. A Plato opposed by Socratism

Nietzsche’s utmost disdain towards Christianity “Then, during the moral epoch of mankind, they sacrificed to their God the strongest instincts they possessed, their nature” (Nietzsche 1966). The ethical foundation of Christian faith sounds like it is a sacrifice of their strongest intuitions especially their environment. This was the most important claims that Nietzsche made on Christianity. For Nietzsche “Christianity was Platonism for the people” (Nietzsche 8). Plato overturned the certainty of existence and the earth and according to him the actual humanity and existence reside in the world of his thoughts. Hence, the certainty of this humanity is twisted towards the world of thoughts. And according to this, existence in this human race is tainted, the human body is actually an imprisonment for our souls and the humanity is the consequence of the souls that come from God.

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