Essay: Spirit Possession

Essay: Spirit Possession
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Healing has to do with praying for the restoration of health to the physically sick, and deliverance refers to the exorcistical aspects of the process where evil spirits are perceived to be involved in the identified crises either as a result of the generational curse or the demonic curse. If the victim of suffering dissociation because a generational curse has taken control of his or her personality, this is described as a case of spirit-possession.

In Pentecostal discourse, it is believed that sometimes spirits do not take possession of victims, but they may remotely control one’s life in negative ways by afflicting with diseases and the like. In such cases, a person is described simply as being oppressed by evil curses. Generally, traditional deities and spirits including the ancestors have survived in the Christian imagination as demons. The idea, as we will note later then, is that those who associate with traditional institutions including shrine slavery systems, open themselves up to demonic influences made up of possessions and oppressions.

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