Essay: Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Essay: Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease
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The individual is undoubtedly turning out to be immobilized. They tend to forget the current happenings and tend to remember the distant past, while fresh events turn out to be difficult to memorize. With the advancement of the second stage of Alzheimer’s the affected areas include the ability to grasp his location, the date, and the time. Caregivers must give obvious instructions repeating them often. As the Alzheimer’s patient’s mind continues to lose its balance, the patient may formulate words and not be familiar with faces which were familiar earlier.

Stage 3

The patient turns out to be more and more insensitive. Memory becomes short and no one is identifiable. Patients lose control of their bowels and bladder and ultimately need steady care. With the advancement of the third stage, the patient tends to lose the attitude to chew and ingest. They are confined to bed and susceptible to pneumonia, viruses, and other sicknesses. Respiratory problems get worse, mainly when the patient is confined to bed. At this stage, the patient ultimately goes into a coma or simply dies (Frisoni, et al., 1999).

Doctors have not yet found any competent way to stop the development of Alzheimer’s disease or overturn its harm to the patient’s brain cells. Caregivers can only struggle to provide meaning and pleasantness to the patient in their last month or years. The most advanced and beneficial approach entails cure for only some of the very common symptoms of dementia in Alzheimer’s patients such as wandering, sleep apnea or sleep walking and delusions. A number of medicines are obtainable to help with these troubles. Patients can be more at ease and the family or caregivers can better look after the patient at home.

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