Essay: Standards of ISO

Essay: Standards of ISO
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In the similar manner employees who are not aware about the standards of ISO actually possess a fear of unknown that since something new is coming towards them that is the reason why they possess a fear of the unknown. This fear of unknown and lethargic attitudes of employees resists the organisation in attaining the global standards of ISO 9901:2000. In certain cases employees believe that this might affect their general performance and their personal growth might be affected with this.

Strategists and analysts actually believe that they the employees have performance lapses that is the reason why they resist a decision which is change oriented however they are unaware about the fact that this change oriented or in other words it can be said that managerial change decision will enhance their performance and growth in both the short and the long term. Therefore, it can be said that removing this resistance and changing the mindsets of employees is very necessary in order to implement the standards of ISO 9001:2000 (Patron and McCalman 2008).

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