Essay: Status of the military in other countries

Essay: Status of the military in other countries
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Yagil Levey in his writings on a conceptual framework recruiting policy for homosexuals looks at the rest of the world for answers of how repealing such an act would affect the American military. His data shows several other countries in the world which have a higher tolerance for homosexuals in the military in comparison to the United States. The author does however state that even though certain countries allow homosexuals into their ranks and allow them to serve freely; this does not always translate into an increase in the military’s respect and social status within the country.

Sweden is one example of a country which does not discriminate against homosexuals, yet its army does not enjoy the same social status as the Turkish armed forces. Levey’s data suggests that repealing this law is key to removing the gap which currently exists between the United States army and its public, however such conclusions rely upon the current geo political climate of that region. Given the recent wars that the United States has been involved in, such an action may be viewed as a positive statement and result in a higher social standing (Levy, 2007).

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