Essay: Steps in Problem Recognition and Solution

Essay: Steps in Problem Recognition and Solution
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One of the most important steps in problem recognition and solution is algorithm development. The step of algorithm development can be further divided into 3 phases. The first phase involves gaining a comprehensive understanding of the problem. This usually involves listing the available information, understanding the specifications of what the solution would look like, its inputs and outputs as well as any assumption that is being made about the problem. The second phase involves choosing one of the available methodologies to develop a solution to the problem based on that understanding gained in the first phase.

There are two methodologies currently available for this purpose. The Top-Down methodology involves breaking a larger problem into smaller sub problems. These sub-problems are further subdivided into sub-problems of atomic nature, which are then solved fairly independent of each. This creates a hierarchical structure between the main problem, its subdivisions and their subdivisions with each comprising of a collection of steps called module. Each module in the upper level is able to call on the services of modules at a lower level (Scragg, 1997). On the other hand, the Object Oriented methodology produces solution to a problem in terms of self-contained entities which are called objects. The Object Oriented methodology mainly focuses on the objects and their interaction within a problem. The actual development of algorithm using object-oriented methodology involves identification  and composition of the objects which constitute the solution to the problem, determination of the responsibilities that each of such object will have in providing the solution and writing steps to perform each of the responsibilities attached with each objects (Savitch, 2006).

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