Essay: Steps involved in marketing research strategy

Essay: Steps involved in marketing research strategy
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At this step, researcher presents his findings relevant to the major marketing decisions. The research paper has a format and follows a different set of procedures for the material to be communicated. The overall presentation of the data should be very convincing and understandable. There are stages in the research paper where data has to be translated or interpreted to make it easy for the readers to grab the concept and idea that a researcher wants to communicate.

ABR senior research analyst Barbara had to present a report till late Friday evening and research was inconsistent with ABR’s recommendations in the aftermath of statistical tests which have to be finalized (Burns, Bush, 5th Ed, p. 73). Initially, we talked about the importance of a research design in marketing research which is certainly a baseline for further steps in the research but the final step of preparing and presenting the findings is also very important for a researcher. The idea behind this is the way researcher communicates his studies and findings in the form of a report. All the hard work and efforts of a researcher may result insignificant if the presentation of findings is not appropriately done. For instance, if we take PGP’s case, the no of respondents in ABR’s consumer survey generates a huge response to the questions they were asked during the survey. This response is relatively less important than the way it is presented i.e. it has to be presented in tabular form and through graphical illustrations. Visuals make it easy for readers to get an overall picture of the survey and respondents’ opinions which are set in terms of variables in visuals. These visuals are presented in appendices section of a research paper, perhaps the last content of a paper.

In this paper, we have come across the steps involved in marketing research strategy. Throughout the paper, we discussed ABR Marketing Research case and discussed its applications at each step. There are five articles that have been discussed in the paper from the US Journal of Management and Marketing Research. The idea behind this is to create a clear picture of how marketing research comes into play in different areas of studies such as medical sciences, social sciences, political sciences and other areas of studies.

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