Essay: Steps Towards the Legalization of Marijuana

Essay: Steps Towards the Legalization of Marijuana
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There have been numerous other bold steps towards the legalization of Marijuana that are still taking place now around the United States. Several prominent political leaders such as Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Mexican presidents have actually called for debates to discuss whether Marijuana should be legalized. There have already been thirteen states which have legalized Marijuana for medical uses, with three more which are going to join in the near future.

In fact Massachusetts voters have actually put into legislation a law which makes possession of an ounce or less of Marijuana legal with a dozen more states and lawmakers now taking the same steps. Polls among American Adults have shown that for the first time in history the American people are actually open to the debate of the legalization of Marijuana since the ones who are now voting are the same individuals who popularized the smoking of this substance in the first place. A poll in California in May, 2009 found 56% of voters willing to support legislation to legalize Marijuana (Crary, 2009).

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