Essay: Steps Required to Increase DVR Popularity

Essay: Steps Required to Increase DVR Popularity
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While DVRs offers so much facility to their users and have gained so much market, there are certain factors which have stopped DVRs from gaining tremendous popularity. One reason for this is that they are yet to gain the full confidence of TV networks and advertisers who traditionally had the control of what their subscriber/viewers watched (Carlson). The ability of DVR to allows its user to fast forward advertisement result in advertising message not getting across, which not only causes poor advertising  of the products but also causes losses to advertisers as well as TV networks occurring through poor sales induces through poor advertising (Wilbur).

However, DVR also allow the sharing of viewers data to TV network companies and advertisers, which can be used for devising a number of strategies to in order to prevent their viewers from avoiding the ads. Through the viewing data, the advertisers can find out the parts in their ad was most interesting, in order to transform their future advertising campaign accordingly. Through comparison of the zipping of various ads from the collected viewing data, the advertisers and TV networks can also figure out what product advertisement suits which time slot in order to make their advertising break more appealing. Another reason for DVRs not gaining tremendous popularity has been its cost. The Cable service provider companies charges additional rental to provide DVR devices to their consumers, which creates an extra burden on them, forcing them to use or carry on with their traditional set top boxes. However, advertisers can also use this for their advantage. By contracting the subscriber of a service to watch a certain amount of ads per day in exchange for the full payment for the DVRs would not make the DVRs affordable to their viewers but would also play a significant role in boosting the popularity of DVRs (O’Neil, and Barrett).

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