Essay: Stereotyping in the Media

Essay: Stereotyping in the Media
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According to Stunkard and Sobal “Obesity creates an enormous psychological burden… in terms of suffering, the burden may be the greatest adverse effect of obesity” (Stunkard and Sobal).

The perpetuated images of healthy people in the media today have exacerbated the effect of this. Obese and overweight people are often seen negatively in the public eye. Causing them to have a negative self image and casting blame on them. Most people would say that such psychological shortcomings are merely excuses for people to not make an effort towards being healthier. However the increasing pressures of performing in society, as well as stereotyping in the media have created an environment where the self actualization required to achieve these goals is simply not possible.

According to research conducted it has been surmised the overeaters may eat as much as 5,000 to 60,000 calories per day. There is speculation that overeating may cause the stimulation of the reward centers of the brain leading to a release of an unnatural amount of endorphins the body. Endorphins are hormones in the body released by the pituitary gland which gives a person a sense of well being. Another hormone released is called Serotonin. The release of these hormones in the body it has been surmised can cause an addictive effect in the individual disturbing the homeostatic function of the brain.

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