Essay: Story of Doll’s House

Essay: Story of Doll’s House
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Nora is uneasy with Krogstad’s entrance. This shows that Nora does not trust Krogstad irrespective of the fact that she had to take a loan with him. This shows how men take advantage of “gender inequity to impose conditions on women” (Amartya).

Through Dr. Rank, we learn the character of Krogstad as being immoral. He is shown to be mature and against immorally sick men. He is seen as a promotion of “conservative social structure” (Bem 11).

Dr. Rank is terminally ill and we learn from his presence that he might be the reason for Nora’s loan. He loves Nora irrespective of her marriage. Because of his maturity and moral character, he respects Nora’s marriage and shows that there are some “males with moral genes” (Bem 17).

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