Essay: The Story of That Evening Sun Go Down

Essay: The Story of That Evening Sun Go Down
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The irony of the situation is manifest here when the children’s mother expresses her fear of being attacked by a black man when there is little chance of this happening while Nancy has been attacked repeatedly by white men. The suggestion seems to be that Nancy herself is responsible for her situation. In reality the children’s mother is a respectable white woman while Nancy is an impoverished black one, this is the real factor behind who gets to bear responsibility for a set of circumstances. The other extreme of complete indifference towards Nancy is exhibited by the children. They are too young to understand all the details but not too young to understand her agitation. It is a testament to their upbringing in a comfortable white household tat they are completely unaffected by the Negro woman’s terror even while she pleads with them not to leave her alone. At the end they sow complete indifference by asking their father who will wash their clothes in the future, as if assuming that Nancy is already dead.  The only person who shows Nancy any sympathy is the children’s father. He accompanies her home in spite of his wife’s misgivings and even allows her to sleep in his house, in the children’s room. However the extent of his compassion is shown to be rather short. At the end he too seems to have left Nancy to be responsible for her own fate by leaving her alone with the door open as if to invite trouble.

The white people surrounding Nancy seem to take it as an accepted fact that her condition is entirely her own fault and yet they also seem to be under the impression that she cannot be expected to know any better. It is as if the facts of her skin color and her social status preclude no other fate for her. The jailers assumption that she is a cocaine addict “because no nigger would try to commit suicide unless he was full of cocaine” (71), seems to imply first that “niggers” that are not sensitive enough to feel a depression which could lead to suicide and second that they are not clever enough to be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

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