Essay: Story of Family by Pa Chin

Essay: Story of Family by Pa Chin
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Opposite of this one was the second brother Cheuh-min who was rebellious and did not fall victim to the old values and moved on to lead his life his way. After witnessing the agony and pains of his brother, he ran away from home to marry his cousin Chin whom he loved a lot. This was a rebellious step that he took against his grandfather whose orders no one can disobey (as part of a Confucian value).

He had found a girl for Cheuh-min to marry which was not acceptable to him. His rebelliousness was the foremost step taken in result of the conflict among the two generations. In other words he can be called to have led the progressive movement against the Confucian values. The elderly group had always treated human beings like a commodity which was owned by them. They believed in arranged marriages and not love marriages as though falling in love before marriage was a sin according to Confucian values.

As a result of this progression against the older generation the third and youngest brother Cheuh-Hui was very fundamental and looked at the world with his own perspective. He loved his brothers a lot and thus felt pain for Cheuh-Hsin and at the same time supported Cheuh-min. After witnessing the hardships that his brothers had to face, he grew up to be very aggressive and shrewd. He was unable to interpret his brother Cheuh-Hsin’ attachment to the Confucian values.

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