Essay: Achieving organizational goals through strategic management

Essay: Achieving organizational goals through strategic management
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This essay talks about achieving organizational goals through strategic management.

In this era of competitiveness the role of strategic management has increased dramatically. Most of the firms pay special attention toward their strategic management. The main purpose of strategic management is to forecast future outcomes by different processes. (Constantino, 2009)

Corporate social responsibility

The term social responsibility refers to the way an organization runs its business and follows the commitment that they have made with the related groups and individuals. The related group includes the overall environment and the social welfare of the community as a whole. As far as the individuals are concerned they comprises of the stakeholders of the organizations like the customers, investors, employees etc.

Service learning:

The primary objective of service learning is to bring the students out of their class rooms and engage them into community service activities. In this way the students can apply their academic skills in a practical environment. It also helps in building civic responsibility, having a closer look at the ground realities that is, what is really going on outside the books. In the mean time it also gives a student a great deal of satisfaction and motivation when they solve some problem, it gives them a feeling as if they have played their part towards the betterment of the society. (McPherson, 2005)

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