Essay: Strategies to improve the productivity of the work force

A sound plan that would see diversity becoming a major norm of the organizations in North Carolina should begin by identifying and establishing a leadership commitment statement that acts as an inspiration in the attainment of the above objectives (Guerin & DelPo, 2011). The commitment involves empowerment of the employees who begin to feel that the organization derive meaning for their work beyond the roles and responsibilities they perform on daily basis. In managing diversity, the process of establishing a commitment statement goes beyond the conventional practices and policies and encompasses changes in the organizational structure to integrate diversity as an important component of the organization’s operations (Ford et al., 2000). The changes should have the ability of transforming the organizational culture and mind set in moving towards an all-inclusive working context.

Considering that the state of North Carolina has taken substantial steps in establishing diversity initiatives, an organization through the HRM department should adopt such strategies that support diversity. Hence, implementation of diversity initiative ought to be the main plan that would see the transformation of the organization to recognize diversity.

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