Essay: Strategy implementation Process

Essay: Strategy implementation Process
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A strategy is implemented in the form a process which has layers and it cascades downwards in three ways and these are as follows:

  • First-order (Corporate level): which sets the long term direction of firm; it incorporates the scope of its activities and its market positioning.
  • Second-order  (Business Level): which includes the internal operating procedure and relationships between different parts of the organisation

Third-order (Functional Level): It involves different functions devising broad strategies to support business strategy.

  • Strategic Human Resource Management attempts to integrate the use of human resources with the wider business strategy of the organisation, i.e. “strategic integration based on external fit.” It is formulating and executing HR systems that include HR policies and activities which produce the employee competencies and behaviours the company needs to achieve its strategic aims; for e.g. FedEx has a strategic aim that is to achieve superior levels of customer service and high profitability via a highly committed workforce and most preferably a non-union workforce. SHRM is as discussed is to match strategy with human resources and this can be done along certain lines such as conscious matching only strongly relevant for those taking classical approach, most matching models are normative, focusing on HRM fit with development stage and/or management style, development stage focuses on either organisational life-cycle or degree of diversity and Schuler/Jackson developed a strategic orientation typology using Porterian model – Its essence is that it specifies the need for different HRM policies of different parts of overall strategy like Innovation, Quality Enhancement and Cost Reduction.

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