Essay: Strength and Weaknesses of Wal-Mart and Target

Essay: Strength and Weaknesses of Wal-Mart and Target
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The graph analysis and financial ratio analysis of both companies are reflective of the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the two companies. The graph analysis indicates that share price of Wal-Mart remain quite stable as compared to Target throughout the year. The financial ratio analysis indicates that Target is in a much better position with reference to liquidity and profitability while Wal-Mart is better in the areas of asset and debt management.

If an investor requires fixed income or interest on investment Wal-Mart would be a far better option but quite risky as well due to low liquidity ratios. Target on the other hand would be a better option for direct investment in the company with an intention of dividend and capital gain. Although both companies are in a good financial position Wal-Mart is a better and viable option considering the long term growth prospects and overall strengths of the company.

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