Essay: The Struggles of the Black South Africans

Essay: The Struggles of the Black South Africans
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The struggles of the Black South Africans have been immense in the wake of the past years, and this is paralleled by the efforts to critique the notion of apartheid. Mathabane’s account of the life of a Black South African has unveiled the illusions of the Western community and his tale advocates the need to remove apartheid from the land of South Africa altogether. There is also essential to discuss the belief of the Black South Africans known as African Humanism. But the belief was exploited by many of the people who came to believe that as Africans were ‘less human, less intelligent, and less valuable than others’ so they must continue to live under perpetual slavery and apartheid (Hahn).

Mathabane does not refer to the traditional belief of African Humanism but his ‘life and achievements are a testament to the belief in self-determination and receptivity to fellow human beings’ (Hahn). The reason for using Mathabane’s autobiography to discuss the Black life under the White rule is that the book deals with the recurring themes of the exploitation of the natives by the foreigners with the help of the powerful elite of the servile land. Other themes of Kaffir Boy include colonialism and the fruits that it brings with it, that are poverty, domestic violence, and injustice which were a part of the lives of the Black South Africans. The life of the Black Africans under the White rule had been miserable and the apartheid system further aggravated the problems of the Africans who found themselves at the mercy of the Whites.

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