Essay: Study of Marketing

Essay: Study of Marketing
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“Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs.” Another meaning states marketing as “meeting needs profitably.” Marketing is the nerve centre for any organization’s success since it’s the engine for a business’s success since it provides with a set of processes that helps to create, communicate and deliver value to the customers and thus it helps to manage customer relationships in a manner that in return is beneficial for the organization and also its stakeholders. The company I work for which has also been the base of the assignment is Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company which is financial management firm. The organizational purpose of the company is to become a specialist finance company. I am employed at Bahrain Credit under this company and I personally work in the Finance Department. I am involved in proposing and devising the right marketing strategy and plan.

Managing the market serves as an art for the organization for choosing the right target market, which is to attract, grow and sustain customers via providing them with extraordinary value with the product/service being sold. This strategy helps not only to sell but also retain the customers as a result. Marketing aims to build a strong customer base so that product of the company sells as soon as it is launched in the market. (Kotler).

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