Essay: Subnetting the Networks

Essay: Subnetting the Networks
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Selecting the Right Subnet Mask

The IP address that has been assigned by the ISP is a Class C address which can allow up to 256 host IP addresses. We can divide these IP addresses into 3 networks with the help of subnet masks. In choosing a subnet mask which could allow an equal number of hosts in each of the sub-network, we need to consider what subnet masks are allowed while also keeping in mind the additional IP addresses that would be needed for inter-router connectivity. The choices of subnet masks that come to our mind for these networks are, and (/27).

In considering these choices, we are able to find out that subnet masks create 128 hosts in each sub-network, which is quite higher than our requirement and would not allow an equal number of host in each of our three sub-networks. masks, on the other hand, permits only 30 hosts in each of the sub-network, which results in a waste of IP addresses, a valuable resource, as most of them will be used for sub-network addressing. This makes us chose which permits up to 62 hosts in each of its 4 sub-networks, which although is not perfect but is much better than the other two subnet masks. We use three IP subnet ranges for each of the three networks while the fourth one has been further sub-divided into two networks with255.255.255.252(/30) subnet mask, each allowing two hosts, which we have used for connecting the three routers (Lammle, 2007).

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