Essay: Subsidizing the Cost of Developing Vaccines

Essay: Subsidizing the Cost of Developing Vaccines
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The availability of these tablets to the poor population at lower prices will eventually result in an increased life expectancy which in return will have a positive impact on their economies. (Yeoh, 2011)

In recent years as from what we see, corporations have started claiming to be good citizens as they are now being driven by other higher aspirations and not just profit alone.

Some efforts of delivering cures to poor countries by bid pharmaceutical companies’ donations have also been researched. Drugs were donated by six big firms to poor countries which were afflicted with diseases like dengue fever and leprosy. The contributions included an unlimited supply of leprosy treatments from Novartis also. (González-Benito, 30)

Other than this, drugs can be provided or sold at lower prices if donors, which could be governments also, subsidize the cost of developing vaccines so the drug makers could sell these medicines at reasonable enough prices.

Some huge drug companies sponsor their own initiatives. According to some findings GSK is sharing about 800 of its patents with various other companies that are also trying to find treatments for some neglected tropical diseases. In some lesser developed countries like Ethiopia, Cambodia and Rwanda, GSK has also cut prices for a lot of its drugs. (Lynette M. McDonald, 2011)

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