Essay: Substance Abuse Harm Reduction

Essay: Substance Abuse Harm Reduction
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A drug by definition is a substance which produces a psychoactive, chemical or medicinal effect on the user. The effectiveness of any drug depends on three variables, the drug itself, the person who uses its and the environment where it is used. Although the effects that drug have on the human body are considered a constant. The actual effects on the individual are differentiated by variables such as their pattern of drug use, perceptions regarding the benefits/risks, the demographic, monetary concerns and culture.

Substance abuse is a condition which may be characterized by the adverse physical, psychological, economic, legal or social consequences experienced by the user or those who are connected to the user’s drug behavior. Though it is difficult to ascertain the level of substance abuse the perceived harm in usage seems to be inversely related to the level of use (Cheung, 2000). Currently two of the most popular programs which exist in the United States to combat Substance Addiction involve either the Twelve Step Program or the Harm Reduction program. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. This paper will attempt to prove the thesis that Harm reduction is far more likely to help a majority of people with their substance abuse issues.

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