Essay: Success of African American Women

Essay: Success of African American Women
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The African American women resisted the threats of racism and sexism using various strategies. These women resisted in order to assert their identity and individuality and they were successful in their attempts to resist as they were given their due rights in the U.S. and their efforts were answered in affirmative. In the esasay the character of Delilah, performed by Beavers, was also discussed as she resisted through using humble strategies and seeking aid from Lord.

Delilah’s character is also criticized for her submissiveness as it represents the submissiveness of whole African American women community. Beavers as Delilah denies resists against sex and lives a life of celibacy. Whether Beavers as Delilah represents the African American woman resisting in its enirety is another question but it can not be denied that she embodies the characteristics unparalleled amongst white community.

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