Essay: Success of Dell Computers

Essay: Success of Dell Computers
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Another point which Dell makes regarding his company’s success is that planning is everything. Having the correct plan of action includes one which ensures success by uniting all your employees around a few common goals and having them be motivated enough to accomplish them. The plan is one which includes the objectives of your consumers and your suppliers and is capable of bringing them together into a single minded directive.

It was due to the persistence of his company that Dell weathered the storm and continued to operate with consumerism in mind and eventually rose back to success. This led to Dell targeting small and medium server markets with its Power edge servers in 1996. Initially PC vendors would sell servers at high prices, as the market did not have competition from many organizations; servers had a higher margin of profits. When Dell introduced its product to the PC server market, it was at 20% lower price than its nearest competitor. Dell introduced the tagline for its server campaign which spoke to consumers wallets and said that even if they didn’t wish to buy Dell they should ask their vendors to match Dells price. Within a year the server market prices fell by 17% and reduced the cash flow for Dells competitors (Dell 2000).

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