Essay: Success of The Seventh Samurai

Essay: Success of The Seventh Samurai
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The movie became a success due to its unblemished direction and a balance between drama and action. Kurosawa didn’t try to satisfy the audience with scenes of action only, but he identified the characters within. The director never dragged the movie making it boring and decayed, yet he developed every character by unfolding the plot in a slow methodological manner. The director used gestures that revealed the character instead of elaborate dialogues.

Kurosawa had relied on talented actors that were superbly accurate for the characters they played. Takashi Shimura plays the leader of this little group of samurai and performs powerfully throughout. Seiji Myaguchi plays Kyuzo, a deadly samurai with Kimura as Katsushiro who is forced to learn the lessons of a thrilling life. Yoshio Tsuchiya plays the role of Rikichi, a peasant who is intensely distressed by tragic moments personally and bears a short temperament. Kurosawa’s favorite actor, Toshiro Mifune portrays Kikuchiyo, who starts as a comic character and transforms gradually into a real samurai (Berardinelli). The comical play portrayed by Kikuchiyo, and the favorite actor of Kurosawa, Toshiro Mifune is presented as

Shichiroji: Kikuchiyo, “what on earth are you doing?” (Shimura and Mifune)
Kikuchiyo: “I can’t kill a lot with one sword!”
(Shimura and Mifune)

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