Essay: Summary and Evaluation of Global Business and Ethics

Essay: Summary and Evaluation of Global Business and Ethics
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Global Business and Ethics (2004) Presented by Prentice Hall. Prentice Hall Inc.:   Australia

The video being analysed is entitled Global Business and Ethics presented by Prentice Hall as a part of the Culture Quest video library for international business. The video reflects issues related to ethics in international business and diversity of problems related to cross cultural differences in a global organisation. The main objective of the video is to illustrate how ethical standards should be identified and evaluated with respect to cultural and social norms prevalent in a country.

The video approaches ethical issues in a qualitative fashion by presenting interpretation of various ethical issues prevalent in different parts of the world. The video points out that ethics is not only dependent on social and cultural norms in a country but are also affected by views of different people in a same culture or society. The differences regarding several ethical issues relating to management, marketing, corporate responsibility and enforcement of ethical standards in different parts of the world are outlined individually. The dependence of ethical values on religious, social and cultural ideology has been portrayed throughout the video. The impact of ethical standards on globalisation and international business management have been evaluated through a depiction of norms established in regions like United States of America, China, India, Asia and Middle Eastern countries.

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