Essay: Summer Research Internship Application

Essay: Summer Research Internship Application
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In the medical world, there are the founders of viruses and infections. Then there are the founders of the cure, for example the development of the efficient vaccine BCG for TB. This is the most remarkable discovery by French scientists Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin. Lastly, doctors and medical practitioners evolve in the scene, as the ones applying the remedies found and recommending the cure to the sick. I desire to become one of the dilemma solvers, evolving new discoveries which are not just life saving but life-changing.

My grandfather died due to stomach cancer.  At the time, I had heard stories regarding the scale of the disease’s persistence, yet what captured my mind was the intensity of this disease and how an excessively larger number of patients lose their lives to this disease. My journey began here.

Overwhelmed by the quality and density of the projects evolving around me yet challenged by interesting questions from fellow scientists, I have developed a lifelong passion: an aspiration to look at the present and explore to make a better future.

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