Essay: Supplementary Issues

Essay: Supplementary Issues
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What is dangerous about this condition is not only the fact that it is a lifelong debilitating state, but also the ancillary costs associated with it. Not only does this condition affect the individual’s ability to communicate effectively leading to difficulties in interpersonal communication, it can also lead to a substantial decrease in work capability, as well as limiting employment opportunities. Studies have shown such individuals can have difficulty acclimating themselves to society, they tend to become isolationists in order to hide their handicap and in turn experience a poorer quality of life, exclusion from social circles and conclusively depressive episodes (Reid, 2005).

Without essential treatment for such problems not only does an individual’s personal life suffer, his professional life is also adversely affected. Tasks which require the use of verbal or auditory communication become more difficult and the individual may end up depending on his coworkers thus reducing their effectiveness as well. These communication difficulties may also have a hand in diminishing an individual’s personality or intelligence, manifesting externally as behavioral problems (Reid, 2005).

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