Essay: Supply Chain Management Software

Essay: Supply Chain Management Software
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Another use of analytical software in various organizations is their use in management of supply chains. A supply chain refers to a system of people, technological devices, business activities and organizational resources that are involved in movement of a service or product for supplier to the end user.  Supply chain management software is a set of tools which is used in the execution of supply chain transaction, to manage the relationship of an organization with its suppliers as well as to control the business processes associated with it. These tools automate a number of processes within the organization such as supplier sourcing, management of inventory, processing of customer requirements and purchase orders as well as Warehouse management (NationMaster Encyclopedia 2005).

These tools can also minimize the disparity between the production and sales of products within an organization as well as forecast the future needs of the organization by using relevant algorithms and consumption analysis. The use of supply chain management software provides key business to organization which employ it use. It allows complete visibility of the entire supply chain network, which in not easily possible through the use of disjointed processes. It also permits seamless coordination and execution of all supply chain activities, thereby playing crucial role in reducing the delays presents in a supply chain. Forecasts, trend reports and other important information can be shared between supply chain partners through the use of supply chain software, which provide for enhanced collaboration between otherwise disparate units. By improving relationship with vendors and distributors,  effective demand planning and improve inventory management achieved through the use of supply chain management software, the organization can also significantly reduce various overhead costs involved in the management of supply chain (Business Software Website 2009).

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