Essay: Causes of Swine Flu

Essay: Causes of Swine Flu
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The article published by L. Chang ( 2009) The Cold & Flu Health Center highlights the major causes that result in the presence and infection of the H1N1 virus having an effect on humans. Swine flu is contagious and communicable form of disease that disseminates almost just in the identical manner as the normal regular flu does. People, who are considered as infected with this virus, tend to sneeze and cough frequently, releasing micro globules in the ambient air.

Engaging in contact passively with these particles or touching areas where the infected individual has touched lately (such as door knobs and washroom sinks, towels and drinking utensils) can cause an infection of H1N1 swine flu. The period of being infectious differ from children to adults. Children can remain transmittable for about 10 days. Adults can be the same up to 7 days after they get sick. Swine flu can be communicable even before the individual show indications of the disease. Although the name of the germ depicts severe criticism towards pigs, swine flu doesn’t transmit through eating pork products like bacon, ham and other forms of the meat. Although it is recommended by health related organizations to cook the pork until it rises to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit (Chang, 2009).

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