Essay: SWOT Analysis of Koala Bear Inc

Essay: SWOT Analysis of Koala Bear Inc
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Koala Bear Kare is one of the largest brands providing a complete range of family solutions. Parents from around the world recognize Koala brand and associate it with caretaking and convenience. Koala is capitalizing on its brand development and brand recognition to fuel growth and competes in the market with a strong geographic presence.


Koala has a large buyer base across the world, especially in Northern America.

Koala started with a single product line in 1996 and today under the name of Koala multiple products are sold out with quality and reliability due to the worth of the brand’s name. Subsidiary names like Park Structures, SCS, Fibar and Delta Play are playing a vital role in strengthening the brand’s name credibility. According to the financial statement for the fiscal year 2000, records show the increase of revenue at a remarkable rate. The sales, as compared to the figures for the year 1999, have been raised by a whopping 61% generating $59.7 million. The income achieved by operations stepped up by 3% to $8.8m from $8.6 also. Brands like La Rue International and Associated Hygiene Products allow the licensees to market consumer products under the Koala Bear Kare brand. Each of them is working hard to provide strategies that can execute sales of Koala products in major retail outlets by 2001 (Koala Corporation, 2001).

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