Essay: Sybil Attack

Essay: Sybil Attack
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In his paper “The Sybil Attack”, Douceur (2002) has defined a security threat to large-scale P2P systems To counter the threats that they face from hostile or faulty computers, many networks makes use of redundancy. However, this presents the flaw, that if the faulty system could present multiple identities, it can take control of a substantial part of the system, and undermine its redundancy. This type of attack is called the Sybil attack. In the paper the author has argued that in presence of a central, trusted authority, which can establish verification between an entity and its identity; it is always possible for an attacker to compromise the redundancy of the system by presenting multiple identities.

Buford, Yu and Lua (2008) further state that since in a P2P network, peers are used for message routing, its security has to be ensured when in transit. An attacker may try to modify the message when routing, altering its router table to disrupt message forwarding or take control of some routes.  In order to ensure security one of the methods is to use multi-routes to send duplicated messages from source to destination. For bandwidth intensive applications, an improvement that can be made on multi-routing technique is to invoke on authentication failure. Another distributed mechanism is distributed auditing where the each peer maintains and publishes its own usage record which is used by other peers to maintain fair sharing.

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