Essay: Symptoms of H1N1 virus

Essay: Symptoms of H1N1 virus
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According to the article of  Genevive Kieger  (2009), the symptoms of the H1N1 virus are identical to the symptoms of normal flu. A regular fever of about 100 F, occurs in most of the cases. Other symptoms include dry cough, sore throat and nasal stuffness. Headaches, chills and fatigue also indicate flu and in some cases diarrhea and vomiting is observed also.

These symptoms however do not require medical assistance unless they get severe. Drinking a lot of fluids and resting is suggested often as the main counterattack until the position gets serious and medical attention is required. Consulting to a doctor immediately, is necessary for people who are suffering from cancer, blood disorders, diabetes, chronic heart and lung diseases, kidney and liver disorders, people with diluted immune systems, pregnant women and children under the age of 5. According to CDC, the caution signs of that indicate serious swine flu attacks on adults include breathing problems, dizziness and confusion, vomiting and pains in the chest and abdominal regions.

Children to get infected tend to breath with a faster rate, the color of their skin changes to bluish or gray. Severe vomiting and lack of interaction and awakeness also indicates the same symptom. Flu like symptoms improve and come back with fever and bad cough  (Kiger, 2009).

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