Essay: Symptoms of Human Papilloma Virus

Essay: Symptoms of Human Papilloma Virus
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If however warts do appear they may be flesh colored, soft and moist. If the HPV is of a genital type, genital warts can appear weeks or months after the initial infection. They may also appear in groups which resemble the bumpy texture of a cauliflower or may be raised, flattened with varying size. In men the can appear on the penis or scrotum while women can have it vulva and cervix as well as the inside and the area around the anus and the vagina. Such warts have also been known to appear on the thigh and groin.

It should be noted however that despite the appearance of these warts, such HPV types are low risk. The high risk types can be identified using a pap smear and have been known to cause cancer within the areas mentioned previously as well as in the mid portion of the throat known as the oropharynx. If the woman is pregnant accumulation of the warts can cause difficulties in urination or even obstruct the birthing process. In a rare condition infants, born to mothers with HPV warts can have them in their throats causing a life threatening respiratory complication (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, 2010).

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