Essay: Tabloids of Britney

Essay: Tabloids of Britney
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There are two major occurrences and images that most mothers can’t get out of their minds. The first one is an image published in the tabloids of Britney in a lavish backyard bathing pool standing on the edge of the pool and looking out to the side. One of the young children was in an inflatable tube and was bobbing in the superficial water. In the image, no one was observing the kid. The progeny was just bobbing in the pool and it looked like he was in large danger. The other occurrence was noted in the alarming world-famous photograph of baby Sean Preston seated on Britney’s lap while she was driving. For mother’s universal, that was outrageous. We wholeheartedly couldn’t accept as factual that she could believe that the likeness was a cute image or remotely funny.


Williams starts her claim about despising Britney with a position through which she sketches an emotional connection with the reader. This shows an outstanding composing characteristic; she can strike a chord of your emotions. Nisey extends to reveal her distaste for Britney Spears citing multiple demonstrations from both well liked and nearly unprecedented resources. Her comprehensive external demonstrations add to the illustration of Britney’s unsuitable sex appeal. I don’t understand about other ones but when I watch TV and discover the accounts of fighters slain in Iraq in a 30 second time slot pursued directly by a 10 minute slot about Britney’s alcoholism I get nauseated.

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