Essay: Talent Program at Standard Chartered

Essay: Talent Program at Standard Chartered
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This program will assist in planning, redeployment, utilizing analytics and also leveraging internet so it shall help make effective use of contingent workers usually the ones about to retire. The program shall also strengthen brand equity in the market and develop the employer brand of the company. Helping employees capitalize on their strengths will help develop a competitive workforce that will be the major strength of the bank in the longer run. The program will assist in workforce planning and will also help all employees grow personally which will benefit the organization in the long run since a motivated workforce guarantees increased productivity.

Being proactive in every way especially in retaining talent and strengthening internal plus external equity shall be beneficial in the longer run. Through this program effective compensation programs can be devised in order to motivate employees further. Thus the talent management program shall prove to be a driver in the longer run for Standard Chartered.

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