Essay: Teachers’ Thoughts on the Inclusion Program

Essay: Teachers’ Thoughts on the Inclusion Program
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According to Tornillo (1994), if the extent of the ability levels in the classroom were expanded with the use of the inclusion program, teachers will then be forced to give more attention to only a few students, thus decreasing the time and attention to be given to the rest of the class. He further stressed that an increase in academic accountability would be difficult for the teachers to comply.

In 1994, the American Federation of Teachers in West Virginia conducted a poll on the teacher’s thoughts on the inclusion program. The results showed that 78 percent of the respondents said that the inclusion program will not result to any benefit to the students with disabilities. Moreover, another 87 percent said that the program will also not benefit the rest of the students (Leo, 1994).

There is a dilemma  among the teachers implementing the inclusion program. This stretched their capabilities and multiple challenges in the classroom. One of the key subjects that teachers are worried about is mathematics. In an online forum, a number of teachers across the country have shared their grief and the difficulties they faced while teaching math in an inclusive setting. One of the teachers states that she was having a hard time finding strategies that would address the needs of all the students in the classroom. There were also complaints that their partner teachers are not much of a help to them (“Struggling with Math Inclusion”, n.d.).

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