Essay: Teaching Morals, Ethics and Behavior

Essay: Teaching Morals, Ethics and Behavior
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Education is that key which has the power to unlock the infinite potential every human being withholds. It completely alters an individual’s outlook on life and hence schooling and teachers have a great and undying impact on a person’s life. One’s personal, professional, emotional and intellectual development is inspired and impacted by his or her teachers in more than one conscious and unconscious ways as they make you see the world and its different dimensions with new eyes.

Keeping in view the deep impact that educational institutions and teachers have on a child’s life, it is essential to lay the foundation of such institutions with the sole aim of betterment of their students and the teachers should work to achieve the same. Security and well being of the children comes first in this regard as children can never perform well academically unless and until they feel emotionally stable, safe and secure. Hence, they should be protected from all sorts of bullying. Also, a sense of tolerance must be developed in children so that they listen and respect others’ opinions and not always term themselves correct.

Teachers should find it their responsibility to not only restrict their teaching to the course work but go out of the way to actually build up the personality of their students and inculcate morals and ethics in them. The need and value of respect should be taught to the children and their behaviors should always be made to reflect respect for others.

To conclude, it must be the responsibility of each teacher to not only work on the academic but personal side of the students as well. The aim should be to produce good human beings who also have a thirst for knowledge and a love for learning. This, if achieved would produce the kind of individuals that our society needs.

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