Essay: Teaching with a Purpose

Essay: Teaching with a Purpose
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I have always wanted to be a teacher, and the reason behind it is not only the fun and interactive activities that a teacher and students may share but also the key responsibility that lies in the hands of a teacher to shape and impact the lives and future of his or her students. I chose this profession because I wanted to change the lives of people and what better way can there be than teaching to achieve this purpose. You have a set of innocent minds available to you and you have the power to mold their aims, ambitions, thinking and life which will govern what they do for the rest of their lives.

My choice of the field of teaching was more inclined to the Physical Education side. An active body yields an active mind and I felt it my responsibility to teach children how important it is to be physically fit. Inactivity and an improper diet cause at least 300,000 preventable deaths in a year in the US. The present generation and the coming ones are becoming less and less mobile as gadgets like laptops, and mobile phones continue to take over our lives and my aim was to make the children, through different activities realize that doing physical activities could actually be fun.  I intended on encouraging more and more of my students towards sports as this not only is a healthy activity but also develops a competitive spirit among children and gives them a reason to be proud of themselves.

Children, hence need to realize the role of exercise and the need for a healthy nutritious diet which can keep not only their bodies but minds healthy and active adding to their efficiency.

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