Essay: Teaching Students with Disabilities

Essay: Teaching Students with Disabilities
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Reusen, Shoho and Barker (2001) reported their general findings of a survey study that was designed to gather information about high school teacher attitudes towards the inclusion of students with learning disabilities to general education classrooms. Their analysis revealed that there is a significant difference between the amounts of training or experience of teachers had in teaching students with disabilities and the presence of positive or negative attitudes toward inclusion.

Educators who have higher level of special education training or experience teaching students with disabilities were more positive toward inclusions. They are more willing to be assigned to general education classrooms that are in need of special attention from teachers.

A descriptive study was made by DeSimone and Parmar (2006) investigating middle school general education teachers in math about their beliefs and self-perceived knowledge regarding teaching students with learning disabilities in inclusive classrooms. Findings revealed three main issues:

  1. Teachers had a limited understanding of mathematics learning that are suitable for student with learning disabilities.
  2. Collaboration between teachers was the most beneficial and available resource by general education teachers on dealing with student with learning disabilities in inclusive classes.

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