Essay: Team Goals

Essay: Team Goals
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The setting of goals should be a team effort preferably away from the field. Soon after recruitment a team swim party or cookout should be arranged where the parents, players and staff can mingle. The players should be encouraged to suggest team goals they see as important for the approaching season. The goals should be set before a single practice or workout has taken place. The goals should be written down and each player provided with a printed list of the goals. The list should include the team name, logo, picture, and the team roster. This will give direction to the team from the beginning.

Team goals should be mentioned often during team practices and games. They can be used to motivate players to focus on the practice activity being done at the present time. A post season meeting to discuss and review the team goals that were set before the season began can be held. This will help in analyzing team performance and setting new goals for the future.

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