Essay: Technological Singularity

Essay: Technological Singularity
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The term Technological Singularity refers to the creation of an Intelligence that is more powerful and smarter than the human brain. The concept was first brought forward by I.J. Good in 1965, when he wrote about an “Intelligence Explosion” happening in the future, suggesting that if machine would ever be able to even slightly surpass the human intellect, it would make them capable of improving their own designs, in unforeseen ways and would also be able to augment themselves to produce far greater bits of intelligence. The word Singularity was proposed by Vernon Vinge in 1982, who compared the concept of the creation of singularity with the concept of singularity present in the middle of a black hole, observing that just as the physics model break down while modeling the gravitational singularity beyond the event horizon of a black hole, the current models used for modeling future would fail as well if such an entity comes into existence.

The concept of Technological Singularity revolves around human intelligence which is the foundation of human technology; that is, all technology is ultimately the creative intelligence. Therefore, if the same technology can be used to enhance the intelligence with which it was created, then the loop between them would be closed and create a positive feedback effect, thus allowing for a continuous increase in the smartness of intelligence and hence the creation of more advanced technology.

According to research conducted in the computer industry, there are more than one ways in which the Singularity can be achieved. Though the most commonly mentioned way is its achievement through continuous improvement in Artificial Intelligence, other technologies which can make singularity possible include direct brain-computer interfacing, biological augmentation of the brain, through engineering of genetics as well as through ultra-high resolution scan of a brain which is the followed by computer emulation. Some technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Brain-Computer Interfacing also offer the possibility of creating an intelligence that is not only smarter but faster than the human brain. Though the notion of speed is not as important as the smartness of the intelligence, however, the speed differences are still huge and worth mentioning. For example, a human neuron works by sending electrical signals that move at the maximum speed of 150 meters per second. In comparison, the communication between different parts of the computer takes place at the speed of light (300,000 kilometers/second), which two million times faster. Also, most human neurons can spike at the rate of 200 times/second, while, on the other hand, the computer chips have already exceeded the speeds of 3GHz, which is 15 million fold increase. The humans also face an upper limit on the size of their brain.

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