Essay: Technologies of Terror in the Future

Essay: Technologies of Terror in the Future
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Technology is the practical application of the human researches conducted to facilitate them with methods to conduct their daily activities with less effort and, it is even the basic purpose of the concept of technology. The method in the initial stages was just with the motive to transform the natural resources in to simpler forms so that they can become handy. The technological advancements have made the life for the people from being very complicated to quite simpler.

And the recent development in the fields of communication has decreased the physical barriers among the humans to interact with each other on a wider scale. But not all the advancements in the technology has been used to benefit the humans by peaceful purpose, the development in the sector of weapons has given birth to a sense of terror among the humans, as the transformation from clubs to the weapons of mass destructions. The issues addressed in this essay would be related to the terror brought forward by the technology, and an uncertain future due to it.

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