Essay: Technologies used by OnStar

Essay: Technologies used by OnStar
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The OnStar system uses a number of technologies to provide its services, which can be broadly classified into cellular communication, voice recognition, GPS and vehicle telemetry. The architecture of OnStar Telematics system defines the OnStar subscriber’s vehicle as the central point. The OnStar device installed in the subscriber’s vehicle is core entity through which OnStar services are enabled. It contains a GPS receiver, control circuitry for onboard sensors as well as for wireless communications.

The GPS receiver continuously receives the signals from the GPS satellites. When an OnStar subscriber presses one of the buttons to start a communication, the onboard device then connects to the available access point of the wireless network, through which the call is routed to its central switching center. From here, based on the number called, the call is either routed to the OnStar Call Centre or the Virtual Advisor station, both of which are connected to the switching center. Once a connection has been established, the subscriber can then avail services offered by them. Through this connection, an OnStar advisor is able to obtain data from the sensors onboard the vehicle as well control or disable vehicle functions (OnStar Corporation, 2009).

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