Essay: How Technology is Affecting Learning

Essay: How Technology is Affecting Learning
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As technology continues to improve and advance, its dominance in our lives also is increasing to a large extent. Technology is now slowly taking over all the daily activities of our lives and learning is also an essential part of it.

Learning nowadays is incomplete without there being computers, internet, scientific calculators etc involved in it. Gone are the days where merely a paper, pencil and the relevant course books used to suffice for all the information you needed or intended to gather. Needs are slowly changing into requirements and now a scientific calculator has become an essential commodity because of its accuracy and precision, libraries are no more enough and internet seems a much better option to gather more information, hand written papers are out now and neatly aligned and printed versions are the need of the day.

The benefit of technology being integrated into the learning process more than ever is that children are now learning at a faster pace and getting answers to more and more questions than was possible before. According to Melissa Kelly research is the leading reason to integrate technology and more specifically, internet in to the classroom. The internet opens up a world of information to the students as well as keeps them up to date with issues related to their subject. Kelly goes on to talk about how teachers have started to introduce online testing. She says this is great use for students who aren’t home for the summer but still want to go for advanced placement testing. A study has also revealed that students going for online learning tend to score higher. This is due to the fact that they are more aware.

However, there I a down side to this as well as research also reveals that students who participated in a combination of face to face and online learning scored higher than the students who took online classes only. This shows that technology alone cannot do wonders. A level of interaction is also essential to ensure better understanding of the course to the students. Another disadvantage of this technique is that continued help from computers reduces human interaction so much so that students are unable to develop decent interacting skills which are to help them later in appearing for job interviews etc.

Hence an ideal approach is to keep face to face learning as well as online learning incorporated.

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