Essay: Technology Support in MS Office Suites

Essay: Technology Support in MS Office Suites
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MS Office

MS Office has a lot of new technologies which proves very useful for business where employees have little time to spend on documentation hassles. It allows you to import pictures directly from a Scanner or a Camera.  Furthermore, it also has excellent support for blogs and RSS feeds support for SMSs as well as for ODF and PDF format which are two of the most  widely supported document standards. However, MS Office is only restricted to two operating systems which are Windows and Mac. Hence business users who wish to use MS Office will be forced to use either of the two operating systems ( has a built-in support for ODF and PDF format. In addition, it can also read directly from camera or scanner and also provide support for blogging and RSS as an extension. The biggest advantage of is that it is multi-platform. This means that distributions are available for most of the currently popular operating system, thus offering flexibility and peace of mind to businesses. A portable version of is also available which is considered a precious resource for people who are constantly on the move (

Google Apps

Since Google Apps are Web-based, this means that they are platform independent and only require a browser to run. Though Google Apps offers the number of features when it comes to word processing, it offers little support for multimedia technologies such as OCR, Scanner and Camera support. However, Google Apps does have significant support for RSS Feeds and Blogs which makes it easier for business users to keep themselves and other updated regardless of their geographical location and device availability (Google Inc.).

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