Essay: Teen Pregnancy a Serious Concern

Essay: Teen Pregnancy a Serious Concern
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Teachers educating sex to teenage students tend to emphasize on the prevention by abstinence from it. Though educating about contraceptives and after-intercourse procedures should also be taught in case of unwanted or forced cases. Procedures that can prevent teenage pregnancy include birth control pills and patches, usage of condoms, IUDs or intra-uterine devices, Intravenous injections, spermicides and cervical caps. The reliability of these measures is however doubtful and they can fail anytime with no prior symptoms, which in-turn leads to pregnancy.

The only 100% effective measure that gives complete protection is abstinence from all sexual relations. Numerous statistics have shown that teenagers who abstain from sex are more likely to maintain their routine with schools and colleges. Results prove the increased probability of graduating individuals who tend to delay their first sexual relationship (Sabia).

The analysis indicates here would be in regards that state that teenage pregnancy is a severe concern that has to be taken under the consideration both by the government of states, as well as the head of department for religious affairs, and law enforcing department that are suppose to reduce the number of such involuntary actions that may cause teenage pregnancy. With all the stated information here in the paper, In this paper teenage pregnancy has been analyzed identifying several causes including approval and disapproval cases from women and these cause also include indirect platforms that give rise to such issues like men who are found as drug addicts and alcoholic.

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