Essay: Teen Pregnancy

Essay: Teen Pregnancy
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The human mind is a control that toys the body and its characteristics. Sexual excitement though, develops with the maturity of age and physical aspects of the body yet the control is still headed through mind conscience. Teenage pregnancy is one of the most common and highly risky factors of the modern industrialized world. Recent stats over several surveys and information attained from various parts of the world represent the increase in this affective and sometimes, fatal issue. This paper is going to highlight all the relevant information including the serious causes that incur such activities, the after effects of these activities and ways that can prevent it. Supportive information is hereby given to further enlighten the said problem.

Adolescent pregnancy or teenage pregnancy is one of the most challenging positions to face for modern teenage girls and their respective families. Various statistics project the facts that this matter is an alarming situation for the society especially where sex is not prohibited in case of mutual agreement from both the sides. However, national and religious laws, where abided, discourage such activities and even prosecute, if caught with evidence. Teenage pregnancy is an issue that can be counted as a reflection of the inability of health programs to achieve their goals. The lack of control over minds and the lack of audience’s attention both obstruct the awareness of the issue.

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